"All the world is my parish."


Understanding that historical research today is often a collaborative effort between different disciplines and institutions, Asbury University has developed an integrated partnership that connects researchers at Asbury University to the broader community.  Strategically located in the beautiful Bluegrass Region of Kentucky in the village of Wilmore, the Wesley and Friends Collaborative Research Center brings the historical materials of the University, as well as those of Asbury Theological Seminary, in order to serve those interested in more than just the study of John and Charles Wesley.

The "and Friends" refers to the fact that we are interested in the family, friends, and co-laborers of the Wesleys, both his contemporaries and otherwise.  We are also interested in the various denominations and movements that rose out of the foundation laid by the Wesleys, including Methodism, Wesleyan Social Ethics, and the Holiness Movement of the 19th Century.  Also, because of our common love for these men and women, we are friends of each other. Therefore, it is appropriate to use John Wesley’s words, that if “thine heart is as mine,” we welcome you to make use of the materials and participate in the variety of programs, conferences, and gatherings promoted by the Center.  Beyond the value of the actual documents being made available to scholars for research, our desire is that the Center will serve to promote conversations among Wesleyan "friends," whether scholars or not, in order to increase a broader understanding and cultural influence of Wesleyan ways of viewing the world.