"All the world is my parish."

Asbury Theological Seminary Library

The Asbury Theological Seminary Library (KY and FL) serves a graduate community comprised of the faculty, student body, alumni, administration, and staff of Asbury Theological Seminary and Asbury University, as well as continuing education participants, community borrowers, and those in distributed learning programs; a combined user base exceeding 5000 people. Through formal relationships with FoKAL, WALDO, KYVL, and the Theological Education Association of Mid-America, the library (KY and FL) also serves an academic community that extends throughout Kentucky and into neighboring states. ATS also has reciprocal agreements with institutions that are members of Lyrasis, the Library Discount Network, and ATLA. Additionally, the Florida campus has reciprocal agreements with Reformed Theological Seminary. Library loan services enable the libraries to receive materials from many other libraries and help enhance the scope of our collection.

The ATS library (KY and FL) collections contain more the 600,000 items. All aspects of the theological curricula are covered in the collection, including representative literature from non-theological disciplines. Approximately 10,000 new items are added annually. In accord with the seminary‚Äôs doctrinal emphasis, biblical studies, Wesley and the Wesleyan movement, Pentecostalism, as well as the literature of the origins of the American holiness movement are the designated areas of focus in selecting materials for the collection. Because of the establishment of the E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism, an increased emphasis is placed on Christian mission and related disciplines. Likewise, the establishment of the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies has demanded a new emphasis on doctoral level biblical studies material. The collection also reflects holdings in support of the Beeson Pastor Program in Biblical Preaching and Pastoral Leadership.