"All the world is my parish."

Kinlaw Library

The Kinlaw Library at Asbury University is a modern, three-story, 72,000 square foot facility that was completed in 2001.  The top two floors of the library house over 190,000 volumes and provide a variety of spaces for studying and conducting meetings, including 13 individual and group study rooms, a Conference Room, and a Board Room.  The lower level of the library houses a computer lab, a curriculum lab, a writing and tutoring center, and additional classrooms and study spaces.  Also located on the lower level is the University Archives, which features a reading room for the public, an expansive workroom, and two separate climate-controlled storage spaces. 

The Archives is administered by a professional librarian, a staff associate, and several student workers, and is open every weekday from 1:00 to 5:00.  Housed within the Archives are many types of materials, including official university records, museum pieces from the mission field, films of religious television programs, and a variety of print collections, including collections that focus on Christian missions in India and Africa, religious cults, and the 19th century Holiness movement. 

The Archives features two special collections of particular interest to Wesleyan scholars.  The Wesley Collection contains over 700 books and pamphlets from the 18th and 19th centuries, with a focus on John and Charles Wesley and the beginnings of Methodism in England, and includes many early editions of texts written by the Wesleys.  The Macclesfield Collection contains more than 240 beautiful volumes published in the 1600s.  These titles were part of the theology library in Shirburn Castle, home of the Earl of Macclesfield.  More information about these collections, including access to detailed bibliographies, is available at http://www.asbury.edu/offices/library/archives/collections/special-collections.